Wednesday, 20 July 2011

BEFF Shorts - Indie Movie Competition!

Hi there! We hope you have been checking the BEFF website every now and again. We have added more information and an updated programme. One of the new info we added is the BEFF Shorts - Indie Movie Competition. It runs until end of January 2012 and you are most welcomed to submit one or more entries. There are great prizes to be won, so don't wait till January 2012. If you start now, you have lots of time to do a few more films which means more practice and knowledge gained on filming and editing skills, and increased chances of winning! Bear in mind the film should not be longer than 30 seconds and with an 'eco' theme. 

You may want to film in large spaces or small spaces, about the sky or something closer to the ground or in between, it could be people, or you might consider flora or fauna... the options are endless.

We found this video "My Father's Garden" on Vimeo. As the title suggests, it was filmed in the filmmaker's father's small garden - "a small pond, some stones and plenty of life"! So, what's stopping you from making a short film of the ecosystem in your 5'0" wide balcony or maybe your cubicle in the office, or your house compound? Start nearer to home and who knows where it will lead you. Go on, start filming! We are looking forward to receive your submissions!

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